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Timotheous Pope

Timotheus Pope  is  a  graduate  of  Mary  Washington  College  with  a  BA  in  Religion  and concentration  in  Philosophy.  He  has  partnered  with  diverse  ministries,  both  camps  and churches,  urban  and  suburban,  domestic  and  abroad.  Timotheous  has  been  involved  with Triple  C.  Bible  Camp, and  Pioneers Mission  Agency, with whom  he  supported mission efforts in  Thailand  and  Lebanon.    He  has  also  worked  with  New  City  Fellowship  Church,  Spotswood Baptist  Church, Kanakuk and  Kids  Across  America Kamps.  Currently,  he  is  the  Director  of SB2Dub  (Summers  Best  Two  Weeks) Citikidz,  a  Christian  sports  camp  in  Rector,  PA  near Pittsburgh. His staff is dedicated to teaching, training, and transforming urban America through culturally relevant Christian sports camps.