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Cooperative Missions Network of the African Dispersion

Dr. Brian W. Johnson

Dr. Brian Johnson has served as a missionary in Liberia, Ghana, Benin and Mali and as an Evangelist in the United States and Africa. His  ministry involvement includes teaching at Monrovia Bible College, Carver Bible College and William Tyndale Bible Institute. Dr. Johnson also taught at Carver Christian Day School. He has held the position of Pastor at Bethany Chapel in Detroit, MI and was Assistant to the Pastor at Jubilee Baptist Church in Bolingbrook, IL. Dr. Johnson was also the founder/president of Monrovia Bible Institute and College in Monrovia, Liberia. His extensive career also includes serving in various other positions:

  • Field Supervisor at Carver International Missions Inc.
  • Relief and Development Director of World Relief Corporation. National Coordinator– Cooperative Missions Network of the African Dispersion (COMINAD)
  • Coordinator-African-American mission mobilization project—USA
  • Secretary General—Association of Evangelicals of Liberia.
  • Bible Teacher—Good News jail and prison ministry

Dr. Brian Johnson was awarded a Master of Arts degree from Calvary Theological Seminary and from the University of Detroit. He also received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Carver College. In addition, The Helping Hands International award, which is issued by World Relief Corporation for a lifetime commitment to the Poor, was also awarded to Dr. Johnson.

Other ministry experiences include reconciling warring factions and ethnic groups in Africa, and church groups in the United States. He has functioned as an Overseer of a micro-enterprise development project for the poor. Dr. Johnson has assisted with the repatriation of refugees and served as a Consultant to African-American Churches. He has traveled to: Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, the Caribbean and 42 countries.