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Course Descriptions

Apologetics-Defending The Christian Faith 

The Bible and the Christian faith are coming under attack.  Many believers either do not know how to handle these attacks or are simply walking away from the faith.  This six-week class will equip the people of God to be able to address the major attacks coming from the enemy.  This course in Apologetics (depending the Christian faith) will deal with such topics as Why the Bible Can Be Trusted, Major Flaws of Evolutionary Theories, Biblical Evidence for Creationism, The person and Deity of Jesus Christ, The Unique Issues Facing African-Americans from an Apologetic Perspective and much more.  The textbook to be used is one written by Dr. William R. Glaze and designed specifically for the class.  This class is strongly recommended for teens, young people in college, parents, and those desiring to grow in their ability to stand firm in the Christian faith.  Even if you have taken this class before, you will receive the benefits of updated information and being refreshed in defending the Christian faith.

American Sign Language

(ASL-1, ASL-2, ASL-3, ASL-4)

The American Sign Language courses are a means of introducing students to the deaf culture and sign language. Signing in a religious environment is also included in the course work. Students will be exposed to deaf culture and socialization by attending deaf events. Upon completion of the PLBI sign language curriculum, students will have the ability to communicate with deaf people with an understanding of deaf culture and introduce them to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Counseling

 This Program is certified by Christian Research and Development

(BC-1, BC-2, BC-3, BC-4)   

 A three-year biblical counseling program designed to train you to solve problems God’s way.  You will learn to counsel yourself first, and then others.  Students will learn how to analyze counseling cases, questioning techniques, and deal with many other counseling issues.  This program equips you to become a counselor using the word of God under the direction of the local church.  Upon completion of the program, you will receive certification as a Biblical Counselor.


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  • All Payments due prior to class start date, can be made by check or on-line via paypal. The PLBI books & syllabi are not included in tuition amount. BC Book prices are not included in tuition amount, Semester confirmed end date provided with syllabus. Biblical Counseling 4 is one year. Semester courses subject to change based on enrollment. Notification and full refund apply only if any change in schedule is instituted by PLBI.


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