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Journey to the Promise Land

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The journey of Bethany Baptist Church started in 1897 and we praise God for His faithfulness and His blessings for over 100 years. Since 1901 Bethany Baptist Church has served the Homewood community. Over the years Homewood, like many inner-city neighborhoods throughout the U.S., has fallen victim to drugs and crime. Even though the nature of this community has changed, Bethany’s commitment to serve the people of Homewood and surrounding communities has not changed.


What will be included in the Stewardship Campaign?

The church is embarking on a stewardship campaign to build a new sanctuary to connect with the Bethany Center. We have built this campaign on a foundation of prayer. We will focus on financial giving and will emphasize spiritual growth for our congregation collectively and our members individually.


Why do we need a sanctuary?

Our present Worship Center was built as a multipurpose facility, primarily for recreational, youth and community activities. By building a new sanctuary, Bethany will restore the Bethany Center to its original purpose – – reaching out to the Homewood community with much needed human services.

The goals for the Stewardship Campaign are:

  • To glorify God
  • Spiritual and physical growth of the congregation
  • To raise funds to build a new sanctuary, $1.2 million. The focus of membership giving to the Stewardship Campaign is based on equal sacrifice not equal giving and also that no gift is too small.


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