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What is the Bethany CARE Group?

Bethany CARE Family Ministry


  •  Bethany CARE Family Ministry includes all Bethany members.  Members are divided into small groups. which we refer to as CARE Groups.  Each CARE Group has a Deacon and Deaconess overseer.


  •  A significant activity of the Bethany CARE Family Ministry is the formation of small group Bible Study conducted each month at a member’s home or at the church.
  • Deacon/Deaconess overseer will minister to small group members whenever death or sickness touches their family or when any problems arise, as well as celebrate exciting news such as graduations, weddings, special recognition or other celebrations.


  • The desire of Pastor Glaze and the leadership is that every member will have the opportunity for transformed relationships.
  • We will grow together more closely as the body of Christ as we pray, engage in the same study of God’s Word and fellowship together.

What Does the CARE in Bethany CARE Stand For?

                                                  C = Comfort

                                                  A = Accountability

                                                  R = Rejoice

                                                  E = Equip


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